NIGHTFIRE - Haptic soundsystem

The Volrose project was imagined by Thomas Franzini as the alliance of timeless French aesthetics and advanced acoustic technology.
The haptic technology used in the development of the Nightfire system is a sound therapy instrument. The vibrations diffused by the dress have soothing virtues for the wearer. The sound that runs through the velvet becomes an intimate space.
The device is concealed in the garment. It can be activated in the context of meditation, physical activity, or simply for contemplative purposes.
As the sound resonates in the inner ear through the bone connection, the robe is audible to a hearing impaired person.

The sound is diffused by two micro-exciters (3 mm thick) placed in the lining, under the collarbones. Directed towards the body, this device projects sounds or music, composed for the dress by Thomas Franzini.
Each garment contains music or sound that brings it to life. In this way, thanks to the sound vibrations passing through the bone connection, the garment and the person wearing it become one.
A switch, placed in the dress, interrupts the sound broadcast.
The sound volume is adjustable on a rechargeable box hidden in the liner; the range of the microphone speakers does not exceed 30 cm, so that only an ear invited to rest on the garment can hear the sound that resonates in the body of the wearer, like a scent of sound.

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