Imagined and developed by Thomas Franzini, Volrose is the result of a multidisciplinary project combining music, text and image. In an idea of ​​decompartmentalization of the arts, trends and innovation, Volrose clothes are formal visual compositions, with mixed influences, sublimated by innovative technology.
This alliance is designed with the aim of creating a transversal experience through an object that can be seen, worn, heard and felt.
This is why Volrose invests in the research and development of acoustic and digital innovation to always go further in the technical and artistic proposal, to remain open to new applications and to expand its universe.

In partnership with Paris Saclay Harware Accelerator, Volrose is developing haptic, precise and immersive acoustic technology that diffuses sound, music and words through the bone connection, inventing an alternative way of listening to music and designing clothes.
Far from the codes of classic ready-to-wear, Volrose introduces technology into poetry, creating a transmedia universe, fictional, even science-fiction clothes while remaining discreet and refined.

Volrose is currently incubated at the Fashion Entrepreneurship Center of the French Fashion Institute.

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