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Volrose fashion brand was imagined by Thomas Franzini as the alliance of timeless French aesthetics and advanced acoustic technology.


To dress is to love.

A transversal brand,
Inspired by fiction

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At Volrose, everything is different. Very slightly.


Here, it's not the brand that builds its story from scratch, but rather from a novel that it was born. The very first collection consisted of words, sentences, metaphors. It was a derivative product, the fruit of fiction and of a desire to make real a purely literary phenomenon.

Each piece of the first collection contains an original musical improvisation only audible by the owner.

In a logic of transversality, the brand is part of a fictional universe taken from a novel. It also offers unique pieces and both artistic and technological collaborations.


Sustainable, inclusive, high-end, handcrafted in France

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Volrose is not part of a logic of trends but on the contrary, believes that a garment is enriched, repaired, collected and passed on.

Most of our pieces are oversized and suitable for all body types. Volrose also offers unisex products.

Finally, our creations are made in Paris, by hand, individually and to order, with high quality materials (organic textiles, made in France, very resistant fabrics, antistatic lining, thick velvet).

Get out of the codes of classic ready-to-wear, introduce technology into poetry, create a transmedia universe, fictional clothes, wear science fiction while remaining discreet and refined.

A lasting balance between different techniques, influences, media.

In the name of the art of composition, of harmony, in the name of technological innovation, in the name of the connection between art and technology.


Volrose has been invented to the glory of music, aware of the inseparable link between music and fashion, with the idea of ​​merging the arts, putting technique back at the center of artistic innovation and bringing art into everyday life.

Faced with changing trends, the weariness of a repetitive fashion that is renewed until exhaustion and the standardization of a way of dressing and behaving, Volrose stands up.

Against the idea that art boils down to tastes and colors, Volrose is looking for a lasting balance between different techniques, influences, and media, to promote the art of composition, harmony, technological innovation and the connection between art and technology.


Are you really sure you’re awake ?


Aesthetic balance

In search of an aesthetic balance, Volrose combines classic and sportswear influences with a tribal logo, applied in satin.

The velvet is mounted in the opposite direction to the hair of the fabric, from bottom to top, stage costume style, in order to give more density to the garment which literally absorbs the light.

The logo, in satin, is not only embroidered, it is applied and contoured by hand, directly on the thick velvet or Japanese triacetate, a combination of techniques and materials that makes the garment unique.

Much like Volrose's colors of beige and red, which rarely go together, the velvet and classic A-line cut, combined with the centrally placed, sportswear-style tribal logo, give the garment an elusive sleek sophistication.

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Imagined and developed by Thomas Franzini, Volrose is the result of a multidisciplinary project combining music, text and image. In an idea of ​​decompartmentalization of the arts, trends and innovation, Volrose clothes are formal visual compositions, with mixed influences, sublimated by innovative technology.
This project is designed with the aim of creating a transversal experience through an object that can be seen, worn, heard and felt.
This is why Volrose invests in the research and development of acoustic and digital innovation to always go further in the technical and artistic proposal, to remain open to new applications and to expand its universe.

In partnership with Paris Saclay Harware Accelerator, Volrose is developing haptic, precise and immersive acoustic technology that diffuses sound, music and words through the bone connection, inventing an alternative way of listening to music and designing clothes.
Far from the codes of classic ready-to-wear, Volrose introduces technology into poetry, creating a transmedia universe, fictional, even science-fiction clothes while remaining discreet and refined.

Volrose was incubated at the Fashion Entrepreneurship Center of the French Fashion Institute.


Merging the arts through technological innovation


Fashion at the crossroads of arts and technology.

Parisian brand prioritizing local sourcing, Volrose has developed an alternative way of conceiving clothes. Inspired by a fictional universe, the collections are the fruit of collaboration, experimentation both artistic and technological.

Halfway between the artistic project, the ready-to-wear brand and fashiontech, Volrose offers clothes made in France, enriched with calibrated technology.

These new clothes exist thanks to a haptic, precise, immersive acoustic technology, diffusing sound, music, and words through the bone connection, inventing an alternative way of listening to music and designing the garment.


It’s this feeling that has brought you here.

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