Volrose haptic fashion brand

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A transmedia fashion brand, made in France

A fashion brand designed as an artistic holistic experience that combines literature, music, fashion and tech.

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All Volrose creation are designed and handcrafted in Paris, to order.

Nightfire :
A haptic device for a multi-sensory and immersive experience

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Volrose clothes are conceived as a gateway for a total immersion in the brand's universe.
The Nightfire haptic device transforms each piece into a touch-based immersive media which allows the owner to feel the Volrose sound through his/her body.

Mato dresses

The design of the MATO dresses, trapeze, sleeveless, high collar, is inspired by a vintage French aesthetic from the 1960s. The motif, a simple velvet disc, recalls the moon, but also symbolizes unity and fullness.

Voluptuous anxiety.

Volrose sweatshirts

Handmade in Paris

The oversized black unisex Volrose sweatshirts, in ultra-soft fleece, are adorned with the Volrose tribal motif, embroidered in a bright satin appliqué.
Designed and handcrafted in Paris, to order.

tribal mal détouré.png